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night president obama promised action. >> in the coming weeks, i'll use whatever how -- power this office holds in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. >> asked specifically what he will do, there were no specifics given. >> no single action will fully address the problem. >> there are an estimated 200 (20)000-0000 plus guns in this country and unless you have a felony conviction or are mentally unstable, you can get one. >> 51% of americans favor stricter gun control laws in general and a majority say that the shooting in connecticut show problems in the country. >> a gun rights activist said it's time to rethink our laws. >> yon anybody that needs 30 round miss the clip to go hunt sglg while one republican lawmaker said if the sandy hook elementary principal had been armed, the killing could have been stopped. >> michael bloom burg has been a long time advocate for tougher gun laws. >> words alone cannot heal our nation, only action can do that. >> several democratic lawmakers said they would introduce an assault gun ban soon. >> the question is
this as routine. >> he promised to take action. tonight, what will he do first? >>> also, new details tonight about the young man carrying the rifle. >> has always instructed me to keep an eye on him at all times. >>> and parents come out of the shadows, saying they need help with their children, too. >> this is a problem that we've kind of pushed to the margins in society because, frankly, we're afraid to talk about it. >> tonight, as america joins a conversation about gun violence in this country, all of abc news joins the search for solutions. a way forward, together, as "world news" begins. >>> and good evening, on this monday night. as we begin a new week, all across the country, parents and children return to their schools, thinking of those 26 families from sandy hook elementary. last night, the president assured them he will take action, saying they are not alone. and, as we said, this week here at abc news, we will join the search for answers about gun violence in america. but we do begin this evening in a community that is shattered e but holding on, and abc's dan harris, who has be
action is here. >> just four days until taxes go up for all americans. tonight what you're telling washington. >>> not again, a giant storm on the move. >>> scare at sea, the cruise ship nightmare unfolding, the captain who warned the passengers ahead of time, but it didn't work. >>> and at last. ♪ at last the american greats me lost this year. ♪ moon river the lasting gifts and the laughs they leave behind. >> everything you do, do it cool. stand back. >>> good evening on this friday night. diane is spending this holiday weekend with her family. we begin with the 11th hour high stakes meeting at the white house late today to avoid the fiscal cliff. but no deal, asanger builds across the country, the clock is ticking. just four days left before taxes go up for all americans and federal programs see major cuts. we've shown you the math here. the average american household would see their tax bill go up nearly $3,500. this evening, president obama telling congress, the american people are watching what we're doing here. he appeared in the briefing room a short time ago. let's go
for action. not -- call for action. not a cause for celebration. they are trying to make the city one of the safest in the country. >>> regarding a neighborhood surrounding johns hopkins university, the president of the college along with the mayor will be on hand to talk about recommendations to improve that area. the new plan comes after last year's homewood community partners initiative brought together community members and the university to come up with ways to help north baltimore continue thriving. >>> well, in an effort to improve schools administrators talked to those people attending them. baltimore county school superintendent went to the students to ask for their suggestions. dr. dallas dance held a town hall meeting with about 60 county high school students. they got a chance to ask their superintendent direct questions. >> we want to get our kids the opportunity to actually say this is my life. what do i need to do in order to accomplish the plan? if that plan is not in place, nothing is going to happen. it's a little late in high school but at the same time this was the
of milk for doubling. if there were no actions we could have seen milk at $7 a gallon. >>> hilary clinton won't be returning to week, hospitalized with a blood clot. the clot was discovered by doctors during a follow up exam and she was taken to a hospital to be monitored. >>> violence in the glen burnie tavern that has a history of problems. police say a 31 year-old man was killed sunday nite. sherrie johnson has reaction from neighbors in the area, and from what we understand the people are not happy at all. >> that's right. neighbors are very concerned about the latest shooting. it not first shooting or the second, there have been three shooting at the tavern in three years. police are still look for the suspect in the latest shooting. it happened sunday before 5:30, police say 31-year-old jones was shot outside of the bar and died at a local hospital. the suspect drove off. an ak 47 was used in one of the shootings. neighboring businesses say they are sick of constant drug activity. >> some of our customers, scared to come in. i like to see the place close down. >> the owner went bef
. he has a court date in january. the senatorsaid he is deeply sorry for his actions. >> for the second year in the a row the ravens are the afc champions. here is scott gar sew with the story. >> after losing three straight, the ravens got their swagger back in this one. they were up 24-7 at the half for the ravens, it's back to back afc north titles and that's something they're proud of. >> -- this was the championship. you know what, back to division champs, that's huge around here. so theexpectation is to win. >> i think fun is a good way to describe this game today. thelast three weeks have been difficult for our ball club. you know, we're not used to losing like that. we stayedconfident can. we knew the things we were capable of and the thing potential we have. >> i love this team. i loveevery single guy on this team. you hear ray talk and you can understand why. this is a special group of men: how farwe take each other, that remains to be again there's a few that never played in this league and never won a division and this is our second time in two years,
, for example, has six child psychiatrists for its half million population. today, a call for action. a summit on childhood mental health by the american academy of adolescent and child psychiatry. >> yeah, there's a lot we do know. we just don't comprehensively apply what we do know. >> reporter: that's because of hon money? >> yes, i believe so. >> reporter: john donovan, abc news, washington. >> money again the issue. so as we go through the next couple of days, all this talk about taxes and budget cuts, you would hope they say let's not cut from whatever pot of money goes towards mental health services. we'll see how it plays out in d.c. >> that's going to bring us so our facebook question of the day. we've been asking your advice as they discuss the gun control laws. >> jennifer says, it's not about gun control. it's about getting a country to embrace valuable character traits and practice them. >> paul is straightforward in saying, deterrence is the answer. >> and calling it a complex issue, lisa says congress needs to be the public servants they purport to be by banning assault weapons
those low beans and drive with an extra amount of cause of action. there's a stalled boundary over the area. tremendous amount of cloud cover. with an extra amount of cause of action. there's a stalledboundary over the area. tremendous amount of cloud cover. . >> with that set up, we'll have the fog through just about the morning commute tomorrow. lessthan a third of a mile of visibility in the immediate baltimore community. under twomiles almost everywhere else. the bay bridge will be tough to see on too. very light breeze, not enough to mix that fog out. the temperatures are in the mid- 40s. we are going to keep the fog in the set up overnight for the wake up. moresignificant rain toward daybreak tomorrow and that will eventually clear the sky and allow us to see a little better tomorrow. here's the rain in the west that will arrive early tomorrow mod morning. you seesee some showers in the morning. a chill llier scenario tomorrow night and then the sun comes back wednesday before we get a new system in here thursday. temperatures now, again we're right on that boundary so we're
to a hospital for an emergency evaluation. they saythis is a classic situation, see something, take action. we'retrying to get more information and we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. >> now, continuing our coverage tonight of that mass shooting at sandy hook elementary, can he can hehave -- definitely another somber day as parents continued to lay their children to rest. >> a church held back to back funerals for two students. other students headed back to school for the first time since friday. for sandy hookelementary students, they are going to start classes next month. it's still undecided if sandy hook elementary will ever reopen. >> in a briefing with reporter, governor martin o'malley said he's looking to introducing some gun legislation regarding accessibility of semiautomatic weapons, school safe the, and the amount of rounds in a clip. >> we have saved some lives with these measures, by some measures, bus loads of lives from those we have spared from a violent death but clearly there's more than -- that we can do. >> there are currently 45 different types of assault we
announced they want no part of the sale of high powered guns. and the president today, with the action he is going to take. we heard from the first time from the powerful national rifle association says they want to make sure a tragedy like this never happens again. chris cuomo with more on this. chris? >> diane, people are moved. the question, which actions will follow? and the answers are starting to take shape. with each body buried, calls for change grow. just today, the white house voicing support for renewal of the assault weapon ban and that they would take back. >> investment managers announcing the sail of the biggest maker of the assault rifles. what prompted the move, the union said that it was investigating its deal with cerbus. >> people are passionate about this issue. >> reporter: people see it as a step, making assault rifles taboo. >> at the end of the day, it's not the dollar that counts. but the sense. the sense of what they are going with their money. the sense of the weapons we are selling to the general bub lick. >> reporter: but in the wake of the shoots, sales of a
other movie. the tom cruise action thriller, "jack reemp" was second. and the come by, "this is 40" opened in third. >>> when we come back, stunning words from mitt romney's son about whether his dad ever really wanted to be president. >>> also, throwing it all way. a misplaced pass leads to playoff hopes dashed. stay with us. like a lot of things, trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. daisy is 100% pure with nothing else added. meals are simply better with a dollop of daisy. ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ >>> some pretty heavy snow is making it a great holiday week for skiers around lake tahoe. drivers, not so much. some resorts got up to three feet over the weekend with another foot or two expected
is for some shower action. back in the mix early next week. so you see the setup temperature wise. it's going to be mild and for a few days and colder into early next week. so it's back and forth. we've been talking about this roller coaster. that's exactly what we're seeing. >> tomorrow a changing day. we could see some showers, the chill of today adds some rain. things improve saturday. >> all right. jamie? >> getting great weather over in britain. a collective sigh of release could be heard across britain as the duchess got out of the hospital. the royal mother to be is suffering from a rare morning sickness. as t.j. winick tells us, while kate is improving, she may face more difficulty ahead. >> reporter: after three days and three night in -- nights in the hospital, the duchess of cambridge finally departed from the london facility with william waving and smiling to well wishers. william and kate issued a statement thanking the staff for the treatment the duchess received. kate, less than three weeks pregnant, will trito recuperate at home. the most difficult cases, some mores face sympt
action that there was no vote in the senate. majority leader, harry reid says lawmakers negotiated through the night and expected to come together around 11:00. if congress doesn't agree, spending cuts will go in to effect and we will pay more taxes. the impact is more than $3400 in a year. >>> she was supposed to return to work this week, instead, secretary of state, hilary clinton is in the hospital. treated for a blood clot that resulted after a fall earlier this month. >> reporter: hilary clinton was admitted to new york presbyterian hospital with a blood clot from a concussion she suffered several weeks ago. he doctors discovered the clot earlier in the day during a follow up exam. no details of where the clot is or other concerns have been releasede first time clinton has been diagnosed with a blood clot. in 98 she was admitted for a clot behind her right knee. the 65-year-old had a stomach virus this month and became dehydrated, fainted and struck her head. she canceled the trip abroad and was not well enough to appear on capitol hill to testify on the attack in libya. docto
on blame than action. >>> also, he's being called one of the great military giants of our time. this morning, general norman schwarzkopf is being remembered as a soldier and a patriot. >>> and a woman shoves a man in front of an oncoming train and then runs away. it's the second deadly subway shoving this month. and this morning, we're getting our first look at the woman police say did it. >>> and it was a gift meant for a stranger. but it built a community. the unexpected outcome of one man's message in a bottle. >>> good morning. i'm muhammad lila, in for rob nelson. >> i'm brandi hitt. paula faris is on assignment today. we begin this morning with a new effort to avoid the fiscal cliff. it's an 11th-hour attempt to reach a deal. but lawmakers are not optimistic. >> wendy gillette is here with the latest. good morning, wendy. >> reporter: good morning, president obama will meet be lawmakers this afternoon. time is running out with no deal in sight. president obama will meet with congressional leaders later today at the white house. but it may be too late for a deal. there's j
. how a jogger jumped into action to help save a man's life. >>> and who says you have to be a kid to get giddy over your gifts? this viral video shows a man's genuine joy. and now, his family is sharing his story. >>> good morning. i'm muhammad lila, in for rob nelson. >> i'm brandi hitt in for paula faris. she's on assignment. we begin with the storm system that is leaving communities covered in snow. the storm is being blamed for six deaths. thousands are without power. and travelers are stranded. a deadly winter storm has dropped massive amounts of snow from arkansas up through the midwest, to illinois and indiana. the powerful system is now a nor'easter, with strong winds and even more snow. >> we tried to get out of the parking spot. we're spinning in circles. >> reporter: the storms spawned rare december tornadoes along the gulf coast. mobile, alabama, was hard-hit, leaving many without power. >> the power went out. we could hear it coming. we ran and jumped in the bathtub. >> reporter: the storms are also having a devastating affect on post holiday travel. people driving ho
plemgd action to pre- - pledged action to prevent action to prevent more tragedies like this and pro gun senators are saying they are open to discussing changes to gun laws. majority leader hairy reid says congress will -- harry reid says congress will conduct meaningful discussion on gun laws and a grass roots organization will send a delegation to dc they are calling for better gun control to prevent a similar tragedy from happening in another community. hundreds of people marched from capitol hill to the national rifle association dc's office. new york city mayor michael bloomberg joined victims of gun violence to address the issue of how easy it is to get access to guns. even some long time supporters of gun rights like west virginia senator joe manchonin says it's time to talk about regulating guns. he says he is opening to discussing restrictions of assault weapons like those used in newtown shooting. >> i don't know anyone in the sporting or hunting arena that goes out with a assault rifle and i doesn't know anyone who needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting. >> reporter: they hea
in action. >> that was -- >> awesome. >> that was spectacular. >> the squirrel was eating the paint brush. >> on a time note, to the new jersey residents who are going through the phone book and making threatening phone calls to people name sandy, cut it out. you're being idiots. all right, be safe. >> i'm going to read you and your interpret. this shows where pollsters should have been asking very different questions. >> that's right, baby. this is how we do it at the network. oh, look at that, girl. you've got to bust out. >> this is from thomas. i want to see rob do his impression. >> i don't remember doing an impression on the show. >> see, there you go. >> the story that is so bizarre, a very strange story. get out of my house, man. l.l. was always licking his lips. see what i mean? >> apparently suffering from low blood sugar, but she is type now. the weird part is he just kept talking despite her passing out. it's crazy. >> i already know that you would push me out of the way. >> i'll be there for you. >> did you hit your head? >> you've got to keep talking, paula. i didn't fall fo
of the action will be down to the south. future trend in to wednesday, things looking good. we will cool down. it's 43 in town today. upper 30s rs news, weather, and sports and west of the beltway -- north and west of the beltway. midnight 35. thursday 34 degrees. look at the overnight les in the to the teens to 21 degrees. next weekend, 30s, going to 41 degrees. >>> good morning. we have a crash in baltimore county, middle river along the eastbound lanes of route 43, eastern boulevard. if you are using 95, all lanes are clear. no problems traveling from white marsh to downtown baltimore. the stretch will take you 16 minutes. everything will remain nice and clear on the beltway. live look in parkville, harford road. traffic moving along, no problems getting up to towson, new year's eve traffic nice and calm on the northwest corner of the beltway. no problems traveling down to route 40. >>> paul mccartney said all you need is love. after 70 years, they are saying the same thing. tied the knot in 1942. fife children and a numb of grand children later, lela remembers the night when mr. right pop
, scammers are taking action. >> it's the best time o of year because we are expecting packages. >> and angie with the better business bureau says your expectations put you at risk. scammers know you're waiting so they'll try to trick you. they'll send a text or e-mail o saying your packages can't be delivered. . >> it will l prompt you to click on a link and you'll down load an invoice or shipping label. >> but clicking could release a troi trojan tro akriers that collects your information and puts you at risk for identity theft. >> another scam involves e- mails about packages that are ready to drop. they tell you you need to get them now or it will cost you. >> since a sense of urgency is created, they're going to charge you a phi fee every day. >> that scam asks tow click on links. instead just lovers. ifyou're not being taken to a legit site like fedex or ups, don't click. > . >> and if you have still presents to buy on line, there is still time left. today hasbeen free shipping day. you'regetting down to the wire. aftertoday you can buy presents on the internet but
cliffhanger. >> the hour for immediate action is here. it's now. >> t-minus three days until everyone's taxes go up. the politicians are in a mad scramble this morning. so, what are the odds of a deal to prevent disaster? >>> the price of fashion. are your skinny jeans a health risk? why doctors are warning of nerve damage, abdominal pain, heart burn, even blood clots. >>> "x factor" ax? is britney spears about to lose her job as a judge on a talent show? why simon cowell reportedly thinks she's toxic to the show's success. >>> and good morning, everyone. we've got a lot to get to this last week of 2012. can you believe this year is almost over? and of course, we're going to start the show with weather. take a look at snow falling overnight in illinois. the year ending with a one-two punch of nasty winter weather for much of the country. ginger zee will tell us how it will affect your travel plans. the second storm in just a matter of days. >> nothing makes ginger happier than a big winter storm. we'll talk to her in just a moment. >>> speaking of travel. this is exactly what you do not want
and our entire economy but the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. we're at the point in four days every american's tax rates are scheduled to go up by law. every american's paycheck will get considerably smaller. and that would be the wrong thing to do for our economy. it would be bad for middle class families and it would be bad for businesses that depend on family spending. fortunately, congress can prevent it from happening, if they act right now. i just will a good and constructive discussion about how to prevent this tax hike on the middle class. i'm optimistic we may be able to reach pan agreement that will pass both houses in time. senators reid and mcchon nell are work -- mcconnell are working on such an agreement as we speak. but if an agreement isn't reached in time between senator reid and senator mcconnell, then i will urge senator reid to bring to the floor a blase sick package for an up or down vote, one that protects the middle class from an income tax high, extends the vital lifeline of pun insured been fits and a plan for an economic growth and deficit reduct
to activists. and it may be time to take action. >> if true the reports may mean that they are facing a use of weapons of mass destruction. this may be the last warning we get. >> and time for talking about what to do may now be coming to a close we may be left with a difficult decision. >> and one actress traveled to a camp in the jordan-syria border. she is a special envoy for the un ref eyegy agency. it was her second mission in three months to the region. , we are six minutes away from 5:00, i know people have been campaigning. and on monday and tuesday. >> things are returning back to normal. >> they are. let's talk about what is going on. we have rain and we have a bit of a wintry mix. >> if you are going this way along i-70. don't be surprised if you see sleet. we had rain showers and this will contin
, invoke military action to solve the situation, rebels getting close to damascus, a precarious situation, any use of chemical weapons would spawn deeper u.s. intervention. so something militarily families may want to keep an eye on as that develops. >> 100 people dying a day since the weekend. >>> in damascus. >>> major developments in the case of the missing leukemia patient. >> last seen on a hospital security video more than a week ago. now her father claims she is in mexico. abc's brandi hitt joins us from los angeles with the latest twist on this strange story. brandi. >> reporter: good morning, rob, paula. at first emily's father denied knowing where his daughter was. now he says his family had good reason to move her from the hospital early. after a week-long search for 11-year-old emily, last seen here at phoenix children's hospital, emily's father has come forward to announce she is safe in mexico. >> hi, daddy. >> hi. >> how are you? >> good. >> reporter: in this interview on nbc's "today" show, luis claims his wife took emily while she was receiving cancer treatment because sh
, but eventually here on the bus, her water breaks. >> the bus driver brings into action. starts flashing his emergency lights, speeding toward the hospital, you see her push her pants down. >> she just pulled the baby out of herself? >> yes. >> someone pass the hand sanitiz sanitizer. >> someone passes her a blanket, a ambulance passes bye, and they flag it down, and they take mother and child to the local hospital. this was a baby boy, 7 pounds, 3 ounces. >> she pulled that baby out of her up and downs like a rabbit out of a hat. >> it all happened in 15 minutes, an bo f this woman? >> she is smacking that baby on the bus. >> you have to make sure nothing is blocking the baby's passage way. >> she apparently doesn't need a hospital. >> hope they wiped down that seat after. >>> this isn't this guy's day. not even a little bit. a helmet cam on a motorcycle rider, having trouble gets his bike to start. now he is playing catch up, so he has a full fist of throttle, trying to catch up with the rest of the room, they're gone, out in the desert, and he gets ab t about .3 miles into the race when
ticket master. >>> get ready for some round- the-clock gaming action at maryland live casino. starting tomorrow customers will be able to enjoy nonstop action 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the casino doors will open at 8:00 a.m. >>> visitors heading to d.c. for the president's second inauguration will not have too many problems when finding a place to stay. about 800,000 people are expected to show up for the january 21st inauguration. city officials say hotels are filling up more slowly this time around. they say rooms are still available and prices are slightly below where they were four years ago. >>> retail sales in the united states were the weakest this year, this according to a newly- released report. bad weather and concerns over the economy disrupted this year's shopping season. last minute discounts weren't even enough to get people into the stores. >>> a number of you will be heading back out to the malls this morning, not just to shop, but return some of those gifts and take advantage of some great bargains. retailers are expected to offer even steeper discounts tha
and the heat, hosting the oklahoma city thunder. fourth quarter action. dwyane wade to the rack. throws it down. defending champs up four. the one-point game inside of 30 seconds. lebron, such great vision. finds chris bosh. miami up three. other end, kevin durant, three-time nba leading scorer. misses. okc with the offensive rebound. russell westbrook misses. looks like he was fouled. no call. he's upset. and the heat win the rematch of the finals. >>> elsewhere, kobe and the lakers, hosting the knicks. kobe and carmelo put on a show and delivered on christmas like santa claus. in transition, anthony sticks the three. later, melo finished with 34. knicks would lead by nine at one point in the third quarter. but the lakers come back. closing seconds. kobe to open l.a. down one, entering the fourth. now, lakers up three. bryant, made all eight of his shots in the paint. nine-straight games scoring at least 30. ensuing knicks possession. carmelo knocked it down. knicks down three. just over 30 seconds to go. j.r. smith, offbalance and off the mark. lakers get the rebound. still a three-point lead
or everybody's taxes are going up. >>> you need to get ready for some round-the-clock gaming action at maryland live casino. beginning tomorrow customers will be able to enjoy nonstop action 24/7, 365. casino doors will swing open and remain open beginning at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. >>> you want to see the raven's wildcard playoff game? tickets are available, but there are not a lot of them. a few thousand tickets will be available for public sale beginning this friday at 10:00 a.m. the ravens will play january 5th or 6th. you can get tickets through ticket master. >>> today is the first day of quawns a. it's a celebration of community, family and culture. the weeklong festivities end with a feast and exchange of gifts. unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, economics, creativity and earth. >>> well, from christmas sales to christmas music 24/7, it is easy to forget that a lot of people don't celebrate the holiday. jewish volunteers in park heights may not observe christmas, but they were definitely full of holiday spirit. it was a midst a day at the jewish community cente
megan and charley over to you. >>> to quote elvis the littlest conversation and more action is what we need and that's what we need out of washington. we are standing on the edge of a fiscal cliff and it appears law makers are not too quick to offer a safety net. sandra endo is in washington with the latest on the developing story and sandra, it does seem like this is all talk and no action right now doesn't it. >> reporter: that's right. and there's only a few days left in this year to get anything done and that's why president obama has called the top four congressional leaders to the white house this afternoon for a closed-door meeting charley. and he wants to try to figure out a way to end this fiscal cliff stalemate but you hear the rhetoric being talked about on capitol hill, among leaders, republicans and democrats are still pointing the blame at each other for not getting this deal done. and for the lack of progress. so still no movement yet and there's only a few days to go to a get anything done. charley. >> you know let's go to what was said yesterday we talk about harry rei
violence. president obama promised action on sunday at that interfaith vigil for the victims of the newtown shootings. at least one pro-gun rights advocate in the senate said everything should be on the able. abc's pierre thomas has the latest on the call to action. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. many americans are demanding that something be done to stop nightmares like what we saw in newtown. what that something should be is where the fight begins. at nra headquarters in virginia monday, an angry crowd. >> shame, shame. >> reporter: hordes of activists protesting the gun lobby. and the debate ignited again. but those in the nra questioned whether the assault rifle used in the newtown massacre was really the issue. john fund called in yesterday. >> the laws don't work. these mass killings are because of psychotic or mentally ill individuals. >> reporter: but some political leaders are fed up with the nation's gun violence. 34 americans are killed every day by firearms. >> this is ridiculous. this is an outrage. we are killing each other. and we're the only indu
. it was part of faith in action. the members staged a live nativity yesterday morning. >>> news time right now ten minutes from 7:00. five things to know today. new jersey governor chris christie travels to washington to ask for for money to help from the recovery for hurricane sandy. >>> a big donation for komen maryland today. the anne arundel county firefighters are giving the group $10,000. firefighters wore pink uniform shirts adorned with the pink ribbon. >>> citigroup is cutting 11,000 jobs in an effort to slash costs. that's about 4% of its work force. the move is expected to save the company $900 million in 2013. and more than $1 billion annually starting in 2014. >> all right, time to pack up, we're going to florida! the new fantasyland opens up for the magic kingdom park today. it's the largest expansion in the park's history. it's adding places like gaston's victimmage and the be our guest restaurant. >>> next year fedex will offer employees up to two years' pay to leave the company. the company says this is an effort to cut costs by nearly $2 billion a year. the changes at the shi
in the newtown shooting. the president is pledging action to prevent more tragedies and save future children. >> because what choice do we have? we prepared to say such violence visited on our children year after year after year is some how the surprise of -- the price of freedom. >> reporter: you connection spec the debate to head to annapolis. some legislators are calling for a ban on assault weapons in maryland. linda so, abc2 news. >>> and remember you can find latest information about the tragedy in newtown at we put together a special section on our home page that links you to the profiles of the victims and other stories related to the shooting. >>> 4:35 and on a day when parents were nervous about sending their kids off. someone walked into a city school carrying a knife. police say visitor brought birthday cake and balloons to a member a fight breck out and the visitor ended up with a knife. visitor was taken to jail and the staff member to a local hospital. >>> it's 4:36. time of her death sierra weigh 73 pound and today the woman convicted of starving her to death is
not go ahead and act now. >> sounds like both senators want some action. finally on the president's national security team and i want to start with you, senator isakson, because you are on the committee. senator kerry, the president's pick for secretary of state. but several of your colleagues have raised questions about the possibility of chuck hagel, your former colleague from nebraska being secretary of defense. john cornyn said he would oppose it because of his views on israel and others. would you have any problem with that nomination of senator hagel or for that matter senator kerry. >> i have no problem at all with john kerry. he's done outstanding work particularly in the middle east, has been a great envoy and diplomat to the united states and would do great as secretary of state. as far as hagel is concerned, he hasn't been nominated yet and i'll reserve any judgment until after the hearings we have on confirmation if, in fact, he is nominated. >> senator klobuchar, on senator hagel, even the top democrat on the foreign affairs committee eliot engel said he has severe is
been swammed with news of a fiscal cliff where your property rates could rise if you don't take action. for half a million marylanders, they may be missing out on free money. we have more on that. >> reporter: we are talking about losing hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars if the homestead tax credit mick -- application is not filled out. we learned that many people are finding out about the deadline from the news. we will keep saying it until the end of the year. when the holiday lights go out, the bills start to pile up and any financial break is important to turn the lights on. >> we have been a homeowner owner i want my money. >> don't we all, the homestead tax credit went intoe if you into -- in the 70s and the credit is good for your home, not vacation homes. >>> we have plenty of properties getting credit that they are not entitled to. >> lawmakers came up with another plan, a one time application to update the database and cut out the fraud. >> our governor likes to tax and he will do it without telling us. >> everybody has gotten two applications mailed to their premi
action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ >>> "nightline" continues from new york city with terry moran. >>> as all you fans of "indiana jones" can attest, the biblical relic known as the ark of the covenant has been the obsession of fortune seekers and worshippers alike since the days of moses. the holy artifact said to hold the original ten commandments. but there's no consensus as to where it might be or even if it exists. the mystery has inspired a centuries long treasure hunt and christiane amanpour takes us in search of the lost ark. >> reporter: whispers from the past hang in the air of modern day jerusalem. yet no matter how hard you listen, the truth behind so many of these biblical stories that took place here remain so captivatively elusive. in part, because so many answers may
they will take action on whatever bill the senate can pass but the senate must act first. abc news washington. >> now for more on the fiscal cliff and what it could mean for your pay we have you covered. just head to the home page, slide show for a break down of what difference situations in washington could mean for your bank account. >>> and we are working for you with only four days left in the year it's a good time to talk about the maryland homestead tax credit application deadline one more time. the credit is used to help off set increase in your state property taxes. that would happen if your home's assessed value jump but it's only supposed to go for primary residents. the state legislature passed a law to try to cut down homeowners getting the credit for properties they shouldn't have been getting credit for. for the past five-years maryland homeowner is have gotten at least two notices by mailing you know an application had to be [inaudible] for that credit. >> this five-year program that we have had we asked homeowners to file an application just to verify they are living in the
expand gambling back in november and today part of that law will be put into action. in less than three hours maryland live casino will open their doors and once they do, they're going to stay open for good. abc2 news linda so is live this morning at the casino and linda i'm sure that a lot of people are going to be ready for 24/7 gambling. >> reporter: well, yeah, when they open the doors at 8:00 a.m. they will never close again like you said. the place is going to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 3635 days a year. that means you can come at any time of the day or night to enjoy any one of their 4700 slot machines that they have here. and another big change that's coming very soon. table games will actually be introduced here at the casino. that will happen in spring. that of course approved by voters in the referendum in the november election. maryland live will be bringing in about 150 table games like poker, blackjack and roulette. this will be the only casino in the state to stay open 24 hours a day. now about 1200 jobs will be created from 24 hour gaming and table games. t
on how a looming strike could affect you. >> and one man wants a little less talk and a lot more action from our lawmakers. he is fed up with the country's debt and he is doing something about it. notes sitting around talking. he is acting on this trying to fix the fiscal cliff one can at a time. we will tell you all about that on this friday. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. i like the guy's commitment. >> one can at a time. >> do what you got to do isn't that right. >> send him my way. i have a awful checkbook he can balance. 39 in town. it's chilly north of the beltway. 32 monkton and 32 in bel air n terms of what's on the boards,
lawmakers continue to talk about the fiscal cliff one man has decided to take action and that's because he is fed up with the country's debt. now, while it's not going to solve all the economic problemswe have, he says it's about making a point. we see what this man is doing. >> reporter: in his unheated garage, 85-year-old man is working to fix the fiscal cliff one can at a time. how much money have you sent the government? >> a little bit over 3,000 dollars. >> reporter: 3,197.88 to be exact. all tracked on a handwritten ledger. the last three years, garcia has been paying the government 50 dollars a month of the postal service pension and money from cans he collects. >> we are paying too much interest. >> reporter: it bothers you. >> it brothers me because it makes no sense. >> reporter: sense is something garcia's wife of 59 years thinks her husband could think he's crazy? [audio not understandable] >> reporter: call him crazy but there's an entire federal office bureau of public debt that collects money from hundreds of mr. garcias this office in west virginia was set up by pr
a whole lot of activity out there. a lot of scattered light rain and snow shower action, maybe a little sleet coming down. just to the north and west. the frederick area here, but for the most part, conditions have improved and we will not see a lot of new percipitation. there could be some icy spots tonight as temperatures begin to drop. but right now, it is a wild countries statewide. you see the temperatures in the mid 30s to freezing to the west and from baltimore east ward, we are in the low 30s . it's an unusual set up with the area of low pressure. winter weather concerns, tough travels to the west with the icy conditions. always, the wind, the other local weather wild card not just tonight but tomorrow, we are really going to see the atmosphere mix out a little bit. high wind advisories thursday statewide. expanded into the eastern shore, but overall, the storm continues to blow out and the big concern is going to be wind and what a wild and large system it has been. and in fact, we have video to show you. what this storm did in alabama, tearing through that state to the south.
action lawsuit related to acceleration of vehicles. the settlement would be one of the largest in its type if the agreement is a proved by the federal court in california they would make cash payments for the loss of values affected by multiple recalls and would install special safety features on up to $3.2 millions. >>> the commercials about mac and pc the battle seems to be won. what pc makers have in the works to try to win their customers back next year. >>> and already flexible but even children can benefit from yoga. how they are learning how to do fun things. how fun it can be. >> we are tracking a clear friday but another storm heading our wait a minute there is a few possibilities. this will -- we will talk about that after this. . >>> now maryland's most hack crate forecast. >> nice and clear night on the radar. change from the last couple days, things have been more active, staying nice and dry, tomorrow too. then another storm on the board for saturday, you know it just can't seem to last in late december. it's an active weather pattern. 37, dew point 25, very dry air, w
action now. >> reporter: despite the cash registers ringing, it's not an easy time to be in the gun business. walmart, the nation's largest seller of guns and ammunition, has pulled their version of the bushmaster semiautomatic rifle similar to the one used in the shooting off its website. outdoor retailer cabella's hasc used in the shooting in its one store in connecticut. while dick's sporting goods is taking it a step further. company temporarily suspending a whole category of modern sporting rifles at its more than 500 stores in 44 states nationwide. many public companies are torn between showing sensitivity towards what happened in newtown and trying to make a profit. what do you feel like the responsibility is for the companies, their fiduciary responsibility versus being sensitive? >> the sandy hook tragedy profoundly affected a large number of americans, so i think they're going to tread lightly and do their best to challenge both of those obligations. their obligation to be respectful to the victims and also their desire to make as much money as possible. >> reporter: despi
and another at a middle school. the superintendent says that prompted the district to take action. tonight there was a strong police presence at many schools in the area. theshooting has many districts on high alert. in baltimore county, the superintendent says there are crisis plans in place. >> this is something we take serious any way. safety is the utmost importance to us. >> dr. dan says they are considering enhanced security options like maybe badges for the staff and students as well as cameras and a buzz in policy at all l doors within the district. >> saying good-bye to lives taken young is a senseless crime. there are no words r to explain the pain these families are feel sglg today the first funerals were held. two sixyear old boys were laid to rest. > . >> this is the living memorial in downtown sandy hook where a constant stream of locals and visitors come to remember those lost. today in newtown, a funeral for six year old know awa pozner. he was a boy who liked animals, video games and mexican food. an onlookerclachs collapsed -- collapsed. >> i told him i love you and
to russian adoptions and why putin's action could have impacts on families all over the country. >>> now to a story that could affect an awful lot of people in the state. a new law going into effect tuesday will given parents an additional way to protect their children. >> they can protect them thanks to this law. parents can now request a freeze on their kid's cred kit-- credit. the request cap be made online at three of the major credit reporting agencies. in the past the agencies were allowed to say know if asked to have the child's credit lot. >>> two years to the day that phylicia barnes was reported missing, prosecutors is asking that the courtroom be closed for part of the testimony of her half sister deanna. it's over video that shows a sexually expolice sit tape. michael maurice johnson is charged with her murder. >>> for the second time in a month, someone was pushed to their death in front of a new york city subway. >> this latest death was last night in queens. katherine brown reports on the search. >> reporter: police say surveillance cameras captured her running along queen
dollar class action settlement against toyota motor company. toyota says the deal will resolve hundreds of lawsuits from motorists who say the value of their vehicles dropped after a series of recalls. owners will receive information about the settlement and possibly cash. >>> well imagine opening a box and finding a letter inside from someone begging you to help them. that's what happened to a woman who says she was getting ready to decorate her house for halloween. she found the letter in a halloween grave yard kit. when she opened it up this year, she found a letter in broken english asking her to send the letter along to a human rights organization. >> the headstones were approximately 18 inches tall, 12 inches wide. and there were two of them put together, and the note was slipped in the middle of them. and then that whole package was wrapped in sealed cellophane. >> the note claimed that the halloween stuff was made in a labor camp in china. the writer explained that the workers worked 7 days a week for 15 hours with no breaks. she asked friends on facebook what to do about it and
. >> the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. >> you've heard that before. but today on the brink of the fiscal cliff, a glimmer of -- well, something. >> i'm optimistic we may still be able to reach an agreement that can pass both houses in time. >> but don't hold your breath. there is deep skepticism in washington that the leadership of our country will get its act together on time. so let's say we all go over the cliff. what does it mean for you? how big a deal is this for ordinary taxpayers? >> well, it's a big deal in that it would be kind of a sudden shock if you had a lighter take-home pay starting at the begin of 2013. >> first, payroll taxes. the taxes that fund social security, they'll go up on everyone. from 4.2% to 6.2% as the recession-related payroll tax holiday expires. then, income taxes will go up across the board, every tax bracket. we're talking about real money for every household. for instance, a single parent with two kids making $37,000 a year, she'll get walloped with a $2800 plus tax increase. a married couple with a kid in college making about $137,000, t
refer you to someone if you get really ill. if you're on medications, always take exr extra -- action tra. sto stockup on vitamin c and eat lots of fruit. head to to find health stories. >> new tonight, listen to they, this, fas book isn't just about catching up with old friends, you can now help decide what's in store this holiday. facebookusers hit the like button and after doing thashgs macy's decided to carry genes in bright colors. and wal-mart let customers vote on which toys they wanted discounted. time isrunning out for you to make christmas brighter for our local kids. tomorrow is the last day to donate new, unwrapped toys. you can bring them to our station on york road, any fire station and for a full list of drop off locations, log on to drive. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast.. >> good idea, you can make a deference in which a kid in need gets that gift in time for the holiday. take a look, 49 degrees right now. the air is getting drier. winds arepicking up at northwest at 18. and getting into the shortest days of the year now. sun
that as few americans are effected by this as possible is the right course of action after meeting with boehner yesterday, president obama sweetened his offer, that included $1.2 trillion in tax increases. extending the bush tax cuts for every e american earning less than 4 hundred $400,000 a year. limiting the amount of cost of living increases on social security and limiting the extension on the debt ceiling. >> the president has come a little over hatch way and the republicans, this far. thepresident has demonstrated his reasonableness. >> but boehner said that's not quite the balance the republicans are looking for. >> i have made it clear to the president that i would put a trillion dollars worth of revenue on the table if he put a trillion dollar offense spending reductions on the table. >> the whitehouse flat out rejected plan b and even some house republicans grumbled because they're opposed to any tax increases. . >> i get to play the account president now. i'm going to rael read some new rules for you. let's see about these credits. if no deal is reached, first it's
it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. a delicious new way to get essential vitamins you need. just bite into the tasty shell... to a chewy vitamin core for a unique multivitamin sensation! new centrum flavor burst. >>> teen victims of dating violence feel the effects later. 12 to 18-year-olds were surveyed. >> in those adolescence that experienced either type of abuse during their teen dating relationships, as adult hood they had a higher risk of depression. >> those abused as teens were more likely to suffer from depression, weight problems, thoughts of suicide and heavy drinking when older. parents who suspect their teen is experience violence should talk about it. >>> if you're looking for ways to cut sugar out from your child's diet, look at cutting out the salt. those who eat more salty foods drink more sugary drinks. they note for every one gram of salt eaten a day, a child also drinks 17 grams more of sweetened drinks than children who did not eat a lot of salt. researchers say parents need to pay attention to the
's called go pro and the tiny camera that's capturing some of the most jaw dropping action shots that the world recorded. it all started with a surfer dude and one bright idea. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: with the launch of this skip comes a secret high tech operation off the coast of nicaragua. the guys paddling on their surf boards are the brain trust behind a camera company called go pro. testing their newest generation of cameras in a surfer's paradise. even if you've never heard of go pro, you definitely have seen the impossible angles. the p.o.v. of the death defying. the visceral intensity of impact. >> hole litty cow! >> reporter: and the serenity of a robot lofted into space. >> continues to blow our minds that go pro is what it is today. >> reporter: for company founder nick goodman, the journey began on a surf board in 2002. the original goal for go pro was to produce a camera that the average surfer could use to capture themselves while they were surfing. >> reporter: and now, eight years later, woodman and his old surfing buddies that happen to be the cheap's to
disciplinary action. >>> a major announcement from baltimore city police tonight. in a rare nighttime news conference, anthony bats announced the department had made its 1,000 gun arrest this year. officers were responding to a home. officers arrested a man and they say they found a semi automatic handgun. >> she said she had seen the officers out here previous nights. he knew there were 12. it was a good way to seek out the officers and they came right away. >> major blake was on hand for the announcement. >>> the superintendent is proving he is open for suggestions when it comes to improving city schools. so dr. dallas mann was eligible to answer questions. >> what i try to do is change the conversation to be proactive. when you're proactive you have environments where kids feel they're connected to the school. that's why you always hear me talk about do our kids really feel that someone at the school knows then, understands them but they can go to that person if they are sensing or having a problem with anything. and so, we have some schools that do it extremely well. we have some scho
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